Field Services

Why is Basin the BEST choice?

We have over 30 years experience providing a variety of environmental services tailored to your environmental problem from Site Remediation services, Underground Storage Tank Removal, and Waste Management Services.

Basin Environmental employees in the field

  • We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards.
  • We build long-term, trust-based relationships with clients, vendors and employees.
  • Our staff’s attention to detail, commitment to excellence and desire to serve our customers, vendors and other employees has made us a proven industry leader.
  • We continually strive to provide superior quality and sustainability in all service areas.
  • We continue to grow our knowledge base via continuing education and professional development.   

Remediation strategies are as varied and complex as the variety of contaminated sites. A single project may require the use of one or more technologies proven to be effective for a particular type of contamination.

Our Goal

To resolve your remediation problem and minimize your liability in the most cost-effective & efficient manner.

Basin's Service Area

The majority of our client base is in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, and Arkansas. However, if our customer has a need, we will work to find the most cost-effective, and efficient way to handle it ─ no matter the location.  

Basin Environmental employee in the field

Basin Environmental Field Services

  • Site Remediation (Highway Spills, Oilfield, Pipeline, Industrial Clean-Ups)
  • UST/AST Tank Removal and Closure
  • Waste Management
  • Waste Classification
  • Oilfield Location Building
  • Oilfield Location Maintenance 
  • Pit & Lagoon Closure
  • Dewatering of Oil Field Reserve Pits
  • Backfill & Reclamation to Pre-Existing Site Conditions

Ready to Get Started?

Contact our Field Services Division with your questions, concerns, or problems and we will make suggestions or possible solutions. If required, we would make a site visit to help determine the best course of action. Once a remedial plan has been established a bid and notice to proceed with be presented and approved by the customer, a schedule will be agreed on by all parties and then work will begin.